the DECISON that Changed my life FOREVER (Adoption Series pt.2)

I remember as time was coming closer to meeting my soon to be Mom,  My excitement was increasing exponentially!  But looking back on everything from that day as an adult brought me back to one of the most difficult parts about the adoption process, which was not being able to see my Godmother anymore like [...]


For many today is a day of CELEBRATION, but for me it is a day of FORGIVENESS.

The only reason I am able to write about it, this time around is because I came to terms with it all, this same day last year. I just stayed in my room asking questions that came to mind. The main question one was WHY? Why, would he want to tear our family apart? Why, [...]

Blessed by Madrinhas

 Hello Everyone!       If it wasn’t for me being born in the Latino culture, I don’t think I would have met my wonderful Godmothers. It is very common to have Madrinhas/Godparents in the Latino culture. This is Another reason why it is so evident to me that wherever we are planted we can [...]

Planned for a Purpose

Hello Friends! Taking a look at life events in hindsight has show me the silver lining and strengthened my belief that everything has happened for a reason. As this page unfolds I will be going back to the intentions of this blog, to speak about the hard topics that others may be too cautious or [...]

My Roots

Bem Vida! If you ask anyone to name two cities in Brasil they know, they would say Rio and if you’re lucky they might also say Sao Paulo. But not many would know the city of Recife, unless they have been there or know someone who has. Well that beautiful city on the northeastern coast [...]

When It Clicked

Welcome!   May this journey be an enlightenment to those that want honest and genuine conversations. This forum is here to be set apart from the unrealistic expectations of the world. We are a community for everyone and anyone from any walk of life. All are welcome!     This forum will be filled with the unspoken topics [...]