For many today is a day of CELEBRATION, but for me it is a day of FORGIVENESS.

The only reason I am able to write about it, this time around is because I came to terms with it all, this same day last year. I just stayed in my room asking questions that came to mind. The main question one was WHY?

Why, would he want to tear our family apart?

Why, should I forgive this man?

Why, would he have done such things to his daughter?

Why, should I forgive such a dad?

Why, would he steal our family’s money,that I would go out and beg for?

Why, should I forgive such a selfish man?

Why, would he want to become a dad is he loved his bottle more than filling mine?

Why, should I have to forgive him?

Why, would he manipulate a young child into doing things she didn’t want to?

Why, should I forgive this scumbag?

Why, would he want to end my life, if I was his precious little girl?

Why, would he be the one to not receive justice for all he has done?

Why, should I forgive his doings?

Why, should I have to forgive his hateful heart?

Why, would he hurt the one he was suppose to protect?

Why, should I forgive him?

These were a few that ran through my head that day, but this last one is the one that took me awhile to move forward from…

Why, didn’t he apologize for what he did….when I went to Brasil to find him?

Why, should I have to forgive my father, if he’s not even sorry?

WHY I forgive…

I forgive… because l need peace.

I forgive…because I deserve a better life.

I forgive…because I learned to be nothing like him.

I forgive…because I have the power to choose what is good.

I forgive…because  God’s love can not have hatred.

I forgive…because I there is more to love in life.

I forgive…because God is the judge.

I forgive…because I am still here.

I know that we go through life, holding many grudges.

But think about it… is holding that grudge taking you places?

Is that grudge, letting your heart live freely, love freely and be completely happy?

 What has been holding you back from owning your peace of mind?

Much Love,










16 thoughts on “For many today is a day of CELEBRATION, but for me it is a day of FORGIVENESS.

  1. Perfect Carla. Now you have to live your life. Prey for them, they need by nt fogeth your original family. God say what is better to us. Thanks always for your new life. Blesse you

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  2. Oh! This is so good! Thank you for sharing. This is so very true and so powerful. The moment we decide to forgive us the moment we begin to live in freedom. Amen. I pray you are blessed and continue in your healing process. It may be a daily healing, or it may be many days apart now when you feel another level of healing taking place, but I believe He will continue the work He has begun in you. Those of us who walk with the scars may always go through life with a limp, but that limp causes others to want to know the story. Those scars testify that there can be healing found for them, too. 💗 Keep sharing your story, brave one.

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      1. My goodness, I just reread the original blog (Friday Friends), and I must give my sincere apologies for those typos!! 🙄 Spellck just seems to have wreaked havoc on me that day! Thankfully, you commented; so, I’d be prompted to reread it…I’m glad you liked it, regardless of the grammatical atrocities! 😂
        Keep sharing your heart and your story, and I pray so many will be blessed by your words. 💗

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