Mcknight and Family ServicesAbout

       Sometimes our calling has been planted in our hearts for such a long time. That until we reach the breaking point, we have no other way to go but to just go for it! 

 Hearing and reading about the suffering that others are going through alone, has been the motivation behind this blog. I could no longer just stand there and not be doing anything about it change it. Personally I have gone through many trials in life that without the kindness of strangers I would’t be who I am today. That is why it is so important to me that others have someone to help them find solutions to properly heal. That is why I have partenerd up with: Mcknight Mediation & Family Services. 

I am extremely grateful to have L. Jenae Henry become a part of the Bloom Always movement! She has been a family friend for as long as I can remember!

Luckily, she is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Child Mental Health Specialist for the state of Washington. As well as a Licensed Professional Counselor and Child Mental Health Specialist for the state of Oregon.

She has a heart of gold, contagious laughter, and an amazing dedication to the community she serves! She has many years of experience in the various aspects of counselling and mediation. The services provided are through McKnight Mediation & Family Services. I am completely honored to recommend her to anyone!

Phone – (509) 876-8065
Email – mcknight.mediation@gmail.com
Website – https://www.mcknightmediation.org/