EXPECTATIONS for a Perfect ADOPTION (Adoption Series pt. 1)

Welcomeee back!

The more I realized what family meant, the more I wanted one of my own.

One of the benefits of me being placed in this orphanage was that they provided amazing counselors. From what I remember I had a group of girls that would join me for counseling. There we would share our feelings, life experiences, and hear encouragement to know how to know that even though we had lived a hard life before going there, it shouldn’t stop us from dreaming of a better life.

The more love I felt from my orphanage and Godmothers the more I craved the unity of having my own family, to love me forever. Due to the knowledge of knowing that the orphanage was going to close; not being able to stay under the wings of Tia Morena and my Godmothers, little did I know that I would soon be having the talk of…”I want to be adopted”.

I know that during this time in my life, I was whole. I was healed. I was completely loved. All I could dream of was of having that love for the rest of my life, to a family that would never abuse me, never abandon me and one that would never put a condition on love.

The (Brasil) summer time in 2004, I found out that they have found me a family…excitement and the constant thoughts of the love I would forever have, filled my spirits to a new high.

What has been an experience in your life that filled you with such excitement and fulfillment?

Much Love,



Ps: This is dedicated to my adoption journey stay tuned for part 2!



2 thoughts on “EXPECTATIONS for a Perfect ADOPTION (Adoption Series pt. 1)

  1. Oh Carla,

    I am so happy to be blessed enough to read your story. You have such a kind, loving heart and so much to offer the world. I also appreciate your courage to share and discuss the hard topics. I too was abused as a child but did not start counseling until I was an adult with children.

    My life goal is to protect children and teach them to listen to their inner voice and to be brave and strong enough to follow that voice. For me that is the Holy Spirit leading us.

    Blessings to you now and always, Carla!

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    1. Hello Mrs. Longmire,
      It is so nice to hear from you! How have you been? Thank you so much for taking the time to read it! I having your support! Yes that was the main goal for this blog forum, to speak about the topics no one speaks about. I am so glad that you have reached out to seek some type of help. I hope that it has helped you in some way or another. It was hard for me to connect with counselors because none of them went through what I went through.
      Yes that is a great lesson to teach them to speak up, for sure. Because if we don’t things won’t change.
      God has been such a protector for me, I am forever grateful!
      Thank you for all of the blessings sent my way, may many more be sent right back to you!
      Much Love,

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