Blessed by Madrinhas

 Hello Everyone!      

If it wasn’t for me being born in the Latino culture, I don’t think I would have met my wonderful Godmothers. It is very common to have Madrinhas/Godparents in the Latino culture. This is Another reason why it is so evident to me that wherever we are planted we can still be blessed.

As my time at the orphanage continued, the love kept flowing. I can remember the first time that I met my Godmothers.I can remember that they were both sitting on the couch communicating with the counselors and Tia Morena (the caretaker of us girls). I am introduced to the lovely sisters that would be soon be my Godmothers. At first I was a little timid, but after awhile I couldn’t stop smiling!

The privilege that it was for me and many of the girls to have Godparents, is indescribable. We had the opportunity of being paired up with a family that would take us on the weekends, join in on family trips and other activities provided by them.Being a part of my Godmother’s family made me above all else feel  loved, wanted, and special. Every week I would prepare my bags with such excitement, that the days that I would get the news that something had come up and I wasn’t able to spend the weekend, I would become heartbroken. That was when I knew I loved them so dearly.

In my heart they became my family without a doubt. I continue to hold on to every memory we had, have kept unforgettable pictures and I still hold on to one of my first pair of shoes I received while being with them as of today.

They have impacted my life more then they will ever understand, their love is the love I would want to show towards my own family someday. Because of them I wouldn’t have seen the beautiful structure of what a healthy Brazilian family should be like. For that is what I aspire to present to every friendship I build. Because I know their love can break barriers!

Has anyone of you been blessed by Godparents?

Much Love,



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