The Orphanage that Saved my Life

Ola Gente!

When someone seems to be interested in my story, I may mention my orphanage experience. With the excitement that’s in my voice when I talk about those days they are usually taken back by the love I have towards it. Here is my explanation as to why the orphanage was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

It was a nice summer day when my mom woke me up and told me we will be going to the grocery store. As soon as we were done getting ready, we headed towards the bus station. That was when I knew that we were not headed to the grocery, because the grocery store is only a block away from our house. Something unusual was about to happen. That was the day I found out that the judge decided to place me in an all girl’s orphanage.
As I set my first few steps into Lar Da Infância Tereza De Jesus, my heart ached knowing that I will be leaving my family behind. Many emotions went through my head, but the main one was feeling unwanted by my own family. At that moment, I was more than ready to deal with the physical and emotional abuse from my family rather than having to leave them.
You know those tears that you just have no control over, and those hiccups that follows? Well that sums up my first couple days. As my anxiety toned down, I began to communicate with all the other 30 girls and caretakers. Soon they all became my family.
But no one was like Tia Morena.

If I could use all of the words that described love. She would be the ultimate definition. If it wasn’t for her selfless love, I would have never healed as quickly as I did. She loved me completely, my battered, uneducated, lost seven year old self. No matter what condition any child came to her door steps, she loved you, and she loved you hard.

This wasn’t just a job for her, she made us into her family, her husband became my first father figure and her son has always felt like my big brother. She gave her life up for countless other girls before I entered in, and even after I left. I can remember we would spend time bonding when she would have intense headaches, and I would always volunteer to be there to give her a massage.What she has done for me will never be repayable. With those wonderful memories to keep me grounded. I will never forget the way she called me her little Angel.

I hope that each and everyone of you that has gone through a tough patch, have encountered someone that has changed your life for the better.
Who would be that person for you?

Much Love,



8 thoughts on “The Orphanage that Saved my Life

  1. A wonderful Testimony Carla, I was a Live in Children’s Carer and Pre – School Kindergarten Teacher in an Orphanage before I became a Governess. I looked after 27 girls and 7 boys from 18 mths to 15 years, when the boys turned 5 they went on to a Boy’s Orphanage and yes I missed them very much. I hope that I left them all with some Special memories as they did me.

    On Mothers Day they use to give me Cards they had made and at Christmas too, one little girl who was 3 could not talk because of the abuse she had suffered, most of the Children had been abused, I use to sit with them after they woke up because of Nightmares, this little girl woke me one Morning and said; Mommy I Love you, they were her first words, I cried.

    When I was young there were a few special people in my life too as I shared with you before Carla on my link, you may remember they were an Older couple who showed me great kindness, which like you with Tia Morena I have never forgotten and give Thanks to God for.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    1. I can only Imagine the love and wonderful memories that you have left in those children’s hearts! That story game me goosebumps! Thank for sharing that! So grateful to have people like yourself to give your heart to others. You’re the kind of people that help us heal. So thank you for all you have done for those kids.
      Yes I do remember, thank to be to God for giving us those that have rescued us.
      I hope that you are always reminded of the wonderful impact that you have made on this earth everyday!
      Have a marvelous day Anne!

      Much Love,

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