Planned for a Purpose

Hello Friends!

Taking a look at life events in hindsight has show me the silver lining and strengthened my belief that everything has happened for a reason. As this page unfolds I will be going back to the intentions of this blog, to speak about the hard topics that others may be too cautious or not encouraged to speak about. With the amount of situations that have shaped me into who I am today, I think that sharing some of them will help others understand why I am the way I am.

April 15, 1993 was when this adventure began. Apparently, I was so anxious to come out that I was 3 months early! This alone has inspired me to continue going through life as the little fighter that has been in me since birth! I came from a family of 13 siblings, however with life’s unexpected complications it declined to a family of 6. Acknowledging those initial tragedies, my chances of being alive and healthy young adult, gives me the motivation to live a life of purpose.

Fast forwarding a couple years to when I am able to remember my life events, I will now recall some of those memories. They happened before I entered my orphanage at the age of eight. I have always wondered why I am able to remember these events but I often can’t remember where I leave my car keys! Therefore, starting this blog has been such a fulfilling experience! I am so grateful that all those memories I’ve been holding inside was planned for a reason. There will be plenty of time to share all of the events I have encountered as we go on this journey, but here are a few that clearly shows me that there is someone greater than I watching over us.

There were three occasions where I remember I could have been kidnapped.

I remember my dad asking me to go buy a pack of cigarettes for him. So there I went walking to the store by myself to get the cigarettes he wanted. As I walked back, there was a man on his motorcycle by the bridge that is right next to my shack house. I see him stop, get a little stuffed animal out of his bag and telling me to come to him. He kept gesturing to come over, but something in me clicked and told me to run home!

There was another event, one day when I was babysitting kids and I had to go get my belongings from my dad’s parents house which is quite a walk. On our way back, I noticed that  there was a maroon colored car following us. We kept walking, trying not make it obvious that we saw him. He then stops his car, opens the car door and pulls down his pants! I screamed to the kids, RUNNN! RUNNN!

The third time was when I was walking back home one day, and our new neighbor was outside the door offering me money to go inside his house. As tempting as that money was, for the amount of food it could have gotten for my family, red flags went through my mind and I quickly went inside the house, to my mom.

These ever present dangers that showed up at unexpected times gives me every reason to believe that I wouldn’t be here today, if it wasn’t for a loving God.

Where have you felt a sense of protection?

Much Love,



11 thoughts on “Planned for a Purpose

  1. I do agree Carla that what happens to us in life that God can and does work it all for good for those who Love Him but He does not plan evil to happen to us, not everything that happens in life is planed by Him or wanted by Him for us but yes I have been saved from death much more than once but have also been abused greatly as a Child and as an Adult the same as others, I will leave a link below for you about my Childhood.

    Why does God not stop all evil now, He will but He is Patient He knows those who will repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour and so He is patient giving them time but it’s not His will that anyone perishes, it’s our choice always to accept or reject His free gift of Salvation.

    Childhood –

    Christian Love and Blessings – Anne.

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    1. Dear Anne,
      Thank you so much, for taking the time to show me your heart. It is wonderful to find those that have shared the same hurt I have shared. I have read your blog “The Early Years A Little Lost Girl”. I could relate to you to a T. I’ve never thought that these experiences happened to others. I am very grateful to have come across your page. Thank you for showing Gods love and understanding towards others and myself! Yes, God doesn’t create the chaos, but deep dow I do believe he will use it to glorify him. To show others his strength, and love. I couldn’t be more grateful to have started this blog, because you are exactly that kind of person I would want to communicate with. Thank you once again, looking forward to reading more of your blogs!
      Have a wonderful day!
      Much Love,

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  2. Your post is wonderfully honest. Though it’s a shame that our society is filled with predators seeking to take advantage of the innocent. Children have a natural sense to see through lies. I think we lose that as we grow. As my wife would say your guardian angels are hard at work.

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    1. Hello Henry,
      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment. It is such a blessing to have a place where I am able to connect with others, like yourself. God bless you and your wife! Have a wonderful day! -Carla 🌻

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