When It Clicked


 May this journey be an enlightenment to those that want honest and genuine conversations. This forum is here to be set apart from the unrealistic expectations of the world. We are a community for everyone and anyone from any walk of life. All are welcome! 

   This forum will be filled with the unspoken topics that we hide behind, in the comfort of our homes. It will make you think twice, and step out of the box. CAUTION: Be ready to embrace reality.

   This forum is meant to be what the world has been lacking…genuine connections, honest living, and support to follow your own dreams.  This community will be here to pick you up, we will walk this journey of life with you, you are not alone anymore.

   I have finally decided to do this now because I am done waiting. I’m done waiting  for the perfect time to do what is right. I am done watching families, friends and communities fall apart due to the lack of communication and understanding. If this forum can be an outlet for those that are in need of a listening ear, some encouragement for the day, and build long-lasting friendships!  

   When you enter this page you are free to speak your mind, because  you will be accepted, and you will be heard. I may not be a professional writer or even a counselor. But if I am able to piece together the english alphabet, have fingers to type, ears to listen and a heart to lead me. I think I am set, to speak what my heart desires.

The world needs you…so welcome, welcome home my  friend.

Much Love,



3 thoughts on “When It Clicked

  1. Hi Carla,

    I must say this blog site has a real heart beating inside of it. Hope that this achieves its aim of being a “space” of comfort and a wellspring of encouragement for everyone.
    All the best!


    P.S. I do love the open invitation for every visitor here to speak their minds 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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